RLFM Upcoming Webinars

Due to Hurricane Harvey and the difficulties our staff has had to go through we have pushed all of the unit webinars back. Click below to register. 

  • Click to register for Unit Four – Your Future (10/19)
  • Click to register for Unit Five- Income Taxes & Payroll Deduction (11/02)
  • Click to register for Unit Six – Selecting Postsecondary Education (11/16)

All webinars are held on a Thursday from 4:30 – 6:30 PM CDT.

RLFM Past Webinars
  • Click for RLFM Orientation Webinar
  • Click for RLFM Unit One Instructional Methodology 
  • Click for RLFM Unit Two – Career Discovery! 
  • Click for Unit Three – Wages & Benefits (09/28)

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